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How to Properly Leash a Dog

A dog leash is a strap or chain used to restrain or control a dog or other animals. Dog leash is sometimes made of leather, nylon, plastic or any materials that cannot easily be worn out or damaged. It’s a string with a loop at the end for lifting warp threads. It can be tied at the end to gradually hold or control a dog.
Choosing the Right Dog Leash
Uses of Dog Leash
How to Properly Leash a Dog
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Knowing the definition of a leash already gives you an idea of an important item that must not be taken for granted. A dog's leash is a long thin piece of leather or a chain, which you attach to the dog's collar so that you can keep the dog under control. And since all dogs in public places should be on a leash, pet owners must know the right manner of leashing a dog.

Dog leashes come in different styles and functions. A lot of dog leashes may be included in our list such as the retractable dog leashes, designer leashes, leather dog leashes, hands free leashes and many more. Countless color varieties are also available and the weights were based entirely on the size of your dog or puppy. After learning these important factors to be considered in choosing the right leash for your dog, of course it is also important to know how to properly control your pooch by the use of leash.

One of the best ways to consider in leashing your dog is the age. Of course we all know that an adult dog already suffers weak bones and arthritic joints while the younger dogs mostly are so playful and considerably stubborn. But before that, please consider the behavior of your pet. Let’s say your puppy. Puppies may be somewhat conscious and a bit irritated when you begin to walk him with a leash. Therefore, we recommend that you use a harness or a collar aside from the leash. This is because puppies are hot tempered and may chew the leash without you knowing it. On the other hand, older dogs might take longer to get used to wearing a collar and leash especially if these dogs are not raised in using a leash.

Be patient enough to guide your puppies since most of them seem to grasp and untie the collar. Using a leash within a week or so may be distracting for them. Give your dog your full attention for quite a while until your pooch will get used to wearing it.

In order to avoid your dog from getting irritated with his new body accessory, place the collar and leash on the neck of your dog while you eating or doing something playful for them. After putting it, you may leave the collar and leash onto his neck for a while. Afterwards you will notice how your dog interacts with you and perform any activities while leashed.

If you think your dog is already comfortable with the collar and the leash, you may take your dog for a walk in the park. Follow your pooch as he roams around while holding the leash. Once your furry friend notices the leash, quickly give him a food or dog treat. As a result, you and your dog will have the leash associated with your daily activity. Just keep in mind that you have the complete attention of your dog so that he will not focus his attention on the leash. Also, do not hit your dog when he doesn’t follow your instructions. Be as patient as you can in order to successfully perform all the dog outdoor activities while controlling your pooch with a leash.

Following these steps will lead you to successfully control and discipline your dog with the help of a dog leash.

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