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Flexi Compact Cord Leash

Flexi compact cord leash is a 10 foot compact cord leash for dogs weighing up to 18 pounds. Flexi compact cord leash is so ideal also because it is a kind of a durable retractable leash which your dog can use for a long time. It is an adjustable rope and is comfortable to use for your pet and also safe and very gentle to your hands.
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Small Nylon Fashion Dog Leash

Flexi Compact Cord Leash
Available in 3 Different Colors

10 Foot Compact Cord Leash for Dogs up to 18 Lbs. - Black

10 Foot Compact Cord Leash for Dogs up to 18 Lbs -Blue

10 Foot Compact Cord Leash for Dogs up to 18 Lbs - Red

Flexi compact cord leash is available in various colors such as red, blue and black. The flexibility can gradually be seen as you walk your dog along the park and see how convenient this leash is. Controlling or restraining your dog will never be the same again because with flexi compact cord leash, it will be as easy as hugging your dog! This is definitely another ground breaking and world class pet product that your dog can use throughout the years. Don’t hesitate to buy as many flexi compact cord leash as you can because it is now offered with the lowest prices ever!

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